Rosie Metallo: Plant Care Facility Coordinator 

Rosie Metallo graduated from Illinois State University in 2015 with a B.S. in Agronomy and received a M.S. in Plant Science from the University of Tennessee in 2017. She worked as the Greenhouse Operations Manager for a soybean breeding facility with Syngenta Seeds before joining the PCF team as a Research Greenhouse Specialist in Agriculture in 2018, transitioning to the role of PCF Coordinator in 2020. Rosie has experience working with hydroponic and controlled growing systems, LEDs, crop physiology,  cultivating specialty vegetable crops and bio-control program management. She is interested in implementing new technologies to support research and developing systems to enhance operational excellence. 

Rosie is the Coordinator for Plant Science Laboratory and Turner Hall Greenhouses. 

Email:   Work phone #: 217-300-2069    Office address: 1214 PSL


Monte Flack: Research Greenhouse Specialist in Agriculture

Monte graduated from The University of Illinois with degrees in Animal Science (1985) and Ornamental Horticulture (1991).   After twenty-six years at Mid-American Growers in Granville, IL he returns to the University as a Research Greenhouse Specialist.

Monte manages the Plant Science Laboratory Greenhouses. 

Email:     Work phone #: 217-300-5917     Office address: 1312 PSL

Michael Maddock: Physical Sciences Technical Assistant 

Michael performs technical duties and responsibilities that support research and educational programs at the Plant Care Facility. 

Michael manages the Soil Shop at the Plant Care Facility.

Email: Work phone #: 217-244-0354  Office address: 1228 PSL