PCF was awarded first place for the International Freezer Challenge 2021.  Kasey Meeks (left), Michael Maddock, Greg Kane, Gio Martinez, Casey Fry, Jessie Bricker, and Heather Lash. Not pictured Rosie Metallo, Ashli Trudeau, Max Adams, Serena Ghanayem, Daniela Hernandez, Ella MacEllaio and Kristin Rose. 

The Plant Care Facility consists of greenhouses and service space in the Plant Sciences Laboratory greenhouse complex and the Turner Hall greenhouses. The Plant Sciences Laboratory greenhouse complex is primarily shared by users from three departments in two colleges: the Departments of Crop Sciences and NRES in the College of ACES and the Department of Plant Biology in the College of LAS.

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Operating Hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday

Storeroom Hours: 8am-4pm Monday-Friday (updated June 9, 2021)