Service Charges and Rates

PCF Service Charges for space and associated services are based on the bench space assigned to a greenhouse project. Specific charges are listed in the table below and take effect June 30, 2022.

Service Internal Rate Service Details
Space (basic fee) $ 0.69 Includes space in the PSL or Turner Hall greenhouse, pest control, and general and seasonal facilities maintenance. Includes outdoor courtyard space.
Labor $ 0.21 Includes watering, fertilizing, potting, crop maintenance, weeding, cleaning done by the PCF staff.
Supplemental Lighting $0.04 Includes HID and LED supplemental lighting, bulb replacement, and bulb recycling.
Supplies PCF Storeroom  per pickup Includes common supplies available in PCF Storeroom (reusable items are price-adjusted)
Soil Mix / Soilless Media / Soil Amendments  per order Includes the custom soil mix or prepackaged soilless mixes, and other soil amendments.
* per square foot growing space / month calculated for the time period the project occupies the greenhouse

These fees are in effect as of June 30, 2022 (reviewed by the Office of Governmental Costing-OBFS). The lowest rate charged for use of the greenhouses will be .69/sq. ft. bench/month as part of the basic space fee. The highest rate of .94/sq. ft. growing space/month includes space, labor, and supplemental lighting. Users may elect to add or remove labor or supplemental lighting services based on individual project needs or changes during the course of the project.