Soil Mix Request Form

Steam Cart Safety
Use proper lifting and moving techniques when scooping soil out of the cart.
Be cautious of pinching/crushing from metal edges and fold-down sides.
Do not move steam carts after they have been delivered.
Do not climb on or inside of the steam cart for any reason.
Ask PCF staff for assistance if carts need to be moved. 
Ask PCF staff if you need access to step stool or small step ladder.​​​​​​

General Guidelines
Please use soil within two weeks after drop off.
Order the right amount of soil needed for one activity to avoid excess soil sitting in the carts.
Additional soil orders can be submitted throughout the project timeline and will ensure you are using fresh media with each potting. For example, if you need one large cart total for the entire research project but have two separate planting dates, you could order a small cart for each date respectively, and fresh soil will be delivered on time ahead of the plantings. 
PCF staff can help with soil calculations if you are unsure. Provide PCF staff with the pot type (1 gallon, 6.5 inches, classic 2000, etc) and quantity of pots needed for a recommendation. 
PCF staff may inquire as to individual group soil-use timelines after two weeks.
After 30 days, inactive soil carts can be cleaned out by PCF staff with notice and put back into the regular rotation based on soil shop operational needs. 

Scheduling Pickup
When done unloading soil from the soil carts email for pickup
Place the canvas cover inside the cart to signal you are done 
Unused soil should not sit in the soil carts for more than 30 days.