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Service Charges

PCF Service Charges for space and associated services are based on the bench space assigned to a greenhouse project. Specific charges are listed in the table below and take effect July 1, 2017.

Service Rate* Comments
Plant Care Facility Space 35¢

Includes space in the PSL or Turner Hall greenhouse, pest control, and general project maintenance (e.g whitewash application/removal, assistance with project set-up and dismantling, cleanup, etc.). Also, includes outdoor raised beds and walkways between greenhouse ranges.

PCF Labor 19¢ Includes watering, fertilizing, potting, transplanting, weeding, cleaning done by the PCF staff.
PCF supplies Includes the containers, labels and fertilizer required for the greenhouse project.
Soil Mixes/
Soilless Mixes/Other Soil Amendments
Per Order Includes the custom soil mix or prepackaged soilless mixes, and other soil amendments.
Supplemental Light Includes HID fluorescent and spot supplemental lighting, bulb replacement, and bulb recycling
* per square foot bench space/month calculated for the time period the project occupies the greenhouse

Notes: These fees are in effect as of July 1, 2017 (reviewed by the Office of Governmental Costing-OBFS). The lowest rate charged for use of the greenhouses will be .35/sq. ft. bench/month and covers the use of the space and basic services. The highest rate of .66/sq. ft. growing space/month includes use of space and all services, except soil charges. Users may choose intermediate services levels (e.g. a hydroponics project may require that no soil or containers be provided by the PCF) and only the appropriate charges will be assessed.