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Plant Care Facility Staff

The permanent PCF staff consists of the PCF Coordinator, three greenhouse staff members (research greenhouse specialists), clerk, soil room technician, and building operating engineer.

PCF Coordinator

This position coordinates the function of the Plant Care Facility. This position operates under the supervision of the Associate Director of the Office of Research, College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. The PCF Coordinator:

  1. Is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the PCF by assisting with and coordinating the activities of greenhouse users and staff. This includes supervision of all PCF staff.
  2. Implements facility policy and procedures as recommended by the PCAC.
  3. Receives and reviews work requests, including space requests, soil orders, and service requests from greenhouse users and staff, makes greenhouse space assignments, and maintains records of greenhouse space use and associated charges.
  4. Oversees the PSL soil mixing operations and supervises the staff responsible for mixing soil.
  5. Coordinates the ordering and maintains an inventory of common greenhouse supplies (a list of common supplies can be obtained from a member of the PCF staff upon request).
  6. Maintains financial records for greenhouse expenditures. Summarizes records annually for review by the PCAC.
  7. Coordinates facility repair and maintenance activities with the Director of Operations for the College of ACES. Provides input for use of the PCF facilities maintenance account.
  8. Provides information on PCF operations as requested by the PCAC and administration of the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station.
  9. Conducts an annual performance evaluation for all PCF staff.
  10. Works with the greenhouse users and staff to develop and implement the daily and periodic plant maintenance programs to provide proper plant care in the PCF.
  11. Participates in strategic planning to improve PCF operations, facilities, and associated equipment.

Greenhouse Staff Members (Research Greenhouse Specialists)

The greenhouse staff provides proper care of plants in the greenhouse and associated outdoor areas in support of research and instructional programs supported by the PCF. Duties include assisting greenhouse users and supervising part-time greenhouse workers. These positions operate under the direct supervision of the Plant Care Facility Coordinator.

Responsibilities of the Greenhouse Staff:

  1. Assist greenhouse users to develop and implement daily and periodic plant maintenance programs to provide proper care of plants in the PCF. Grow and maintain plant materials required for research projects, courses, and laboratory use by users of the PCF.
  2. Apply Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles including cultural, chemical, and biological control measures as appropriate, after consultation with the greenhouse users.
  3. Assist in the design and implementation of fertilization programs, after consultation with greenhouse users.
  4. Assist with the operation and maintenance of greenhouse systems, machinery, and equipment such as evaporative cooling systems, whitewash application and removal, humidifying and mist systems, computerized greenhouse environmental control system, soil handling equipment, sprayers, fertilizer injectors, etc.
  5. Work weekends and holidays as needed.
  6. Assist with maintaining and stocking the PCF with operating supplies.
  7. Assist greenhouse users in setting up, maintaining, and dismantling greenhouse projects.
  8. Assist with maintaining all greenhouse, outdoor areas, and associated work and storage areas in a clean and orderly condition.
  9. Assist with mixing soil and potting materials. Prepare indoor and outdoor soil beds.
  10. Assist with the set-up of course laboratories held in the PCF in coordination with instructors. Assist with deliveries of plant materials and other supplies to classrooms and labs.
  11. Respond to greenhouse control system alarms as needed.