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Soilless Mixes

Soilless products listed below are stocked in the PSL storage room and are ready for pick-up during normal working hours. Please be sure to fill out a PCF Soil Mix Request Form for the products you take. If you don't see something you need, please ask. See also our listing of custom soil mixes.

Soilless Products & Mixes Cost

Coarse Vermiculite
Used for seed germination, rooting cuttings, seed cover, or as a soil mix component.


4 cu ft bag

Medium Vermiculite
Used as a seed germination medium, seed cover, or soil mix component.
Note: Bags are labeled "Medium".

4 cu ft bag

SunGro Sunshine Redi-Earth Plug and Seedling Mix
Plug-Grade Canadian sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, and dolomitic limestone. Best used for propagation and seed-starting needs.


2.8 cu ft bag

SunGro Metro Mix 900
Composted bark (½" screen), peat, vermiculite, perlite.
Formulated for production in large (4" or larger) containers.

2.8 cu ft bag

Berger BM7 45%*
Composted pine bark, coarse peat moss, parboiled rice hulls, dolomitic and calcitic limeston
Formulated to provide extra drainage for perennials, shrubs, and trees.  A good replacement for Metro Mix 510.

2.8 cu ft bag

SunGro Sunshine Mix SS#1 - F1P (The soilless substrate formerly known as LC1)*
Peat, perlite.
Comment: General purpose soilless mix, also used as a rooting medium. A substitute for Pro-Mix BX. Good for Arabidopsis.

2.8 cu ft bag

Fine Silica Sand, Quartz

50 # bag

Coarse Silica Sand, Quartz (Best Sand)



50 # bag

Perlite, Coarse+
Comment: Used in media for growing and for plant propagation from seeds and cuttings. It contains no nutrients for plants.

4 cu ft bag

Torpedo Sand+
Comment: Construction grade sand; combination of fine to coarse sand particles.

1 cu ft
Sphagnum Peat Moss+
Comment:3.8 cu ft bale of peat moss that will expand to 8 cu ft upon fluffing.

1 bale

Turface MVP
Comment: Calcined clay soil conditioner with coarse construct which is good for promoting drainage and offering an excellent CEC.

1.4 cu ft bag

* Preformulated mixes are adjusted for pH and include a wetting agent.
+ Available upon request. Not stocked in PSL store room.

Please note: If you use soil or soilless mixes outside the PCF (in your lab, field sites, etc.), or if "Soil" charges are not included in your PCF Service Charges, you will receive a separate bill each quarter for the products you use.