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Greenhouse Users

A Greenhouse User is a member of the faculty, professional staff, or student of the Departments of CPSC, NRES, or affiliated USDA project who is designated on a Project Request Form as the principal researcher, the instructor of a CPSC or NRES course, the advising or cooperating faculty member of a graduate or undergraduate student, or faculty advisor of a CPSC or NRES Department-sponsored student organization. The general responsibilities of greenhouse users are to serve in a leadership role in the planning, coordination, implementation, maintenance, and successful completion of projects conducted within the PCF. It is expected that greenhouse users will interact frequently and directly with PCF staff. Individual faculty members are ultimately responsible for the organization of their students' use of the PCF facilities.

Responsibilities of Greenhouse Users

  1. Submit a Request for Project Services to receive a space assignment.
  2. Obtain plant materials and uncommon supplies for the project or course. Greenhouse staff will assist if requested.
  3. Submit written work requests to the greenhouse staff whenever there is a need for assistance or a change in routine of previously specified cultural practices.
  4. Maintain open lines of communication with the PCF staff concerning the status of the project or course as it relates to the use of the PCF.
  5. Maintain project areas in an orderly manner. Particular attention must be paid to neatness and sanitation following guidelines established by the PCAC.