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Greenhouse Support Areas

Misting Facilities

Benches with mist are available in both Turner Hall Greenhouses and Plant Sciences Laboratory Greenhouses. The placement of all plant material in the beds should be coordinated with the appropriate greenhouse staff member.

Growth Chamber Room (1309 PSL)

  1. The PCF Coordinator is to be consulted before any growth chambers or incubators are moved into or out of this room.
  2. Space in the ultra-cold freezer will be assigned by the PCF Coordinator. Items put into the freezer are to be properly labeled. The shelf list on the outside of the freezer should be filled out and kept up-to-date by users.

Greenhouse Autoclave

An autoclave is available to steam containers and destroy regulated plants and organisms. It is available only to users who have received instruction in its use. Users must fill out the log sheet provided for each load autoclaved.

Cold Storage Rooms and Freezer (1311 and 1315 PSL)

  1. Use of these spaces will be scheduled by the PCF Coordinator. Changes of cooler or freezer settings are to be approved by the PCFCoordinator.
  2. All items stored in the coolers and freezer need to be clearly labeled with the user's name and office number.
  3. The storage of food or drinks in the coolers or freezer is prohibited.
  4. The coolers and freezer must be kept organized and swept-up during and after use. All water spills should be mopped up promptly by the user.

Storage Areas and Pesticide Storage

  1. Greenhouses should not be used for long term storage. For storage, consider short term storage in 1224 PSL or longer term storage in the Turner Hall Greenhouse basement.  Please coordinate with PCF Coordinator.
  2. All pesticides must be stored in the Pesticide Storage Room (1911 PSL). Access to this room is provided through the PCF staff.

PCF Shop Space (1226 PSL)

  1. Shop space must be requested a minimum of 5 work-days in advance.  Use of this resource is based on availability.
  2. Requestor(s) must initiate and complete required safety training session(s) by F&S - Safety and Compliance prior to using any automated or specialized shop equipment.
  3. Users must adhere to shop use and safety guidelines establsished by PCF Coordinator and Building Operating Engineer.

Outdoor Alcoves

  1. Turf areas should be kept free of obstructions and debris. The greenhouse staff will mow turf within the fenced areas.
  2. Greenhouse users are responsible for the maintenance of plant material within the garden beds or cold frames unless written arrangements have been made with the greenhouse staff.

Employee Restrooms and Showers (1308 and 1310 PSL)

  1. Greenhouse staff have priority for locker and shower use. Available lockers will be assigned by the PCF Coordinator.
  2. Lockers should be clearly labeled with the user's name.