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Plant Culture

  1. The greenhouse staff will provide the level of services (watering, fertilizing, planting, etc.) as chosen by the greenhouse user on the Request for Project Services.
  2. The greenhouse staff may decline to provide these services if cultural practices constitute experimental treatments.
  3. Changes in plant cultural requirements during the course of a project should be requested in writing on a Service Request Form.

Greenhouse Supplies

Pots, labels, flats, fertilizer, stakes, etc. can be obtained from the general supply as a service provided by the PCF. A stock of commonly used supplies will be maintained. Needs for large quantities of pots or special pot sizes must be identified on the PCF Project Request Form. The cost of the supplies will either be included in the space charge or may be purchased from the PCF greenhouse stock by the Greenhouse User.

Soil and Soilless Root Media

  1. Soil and soilless root media may be ordered through the the greenhouse staff (1222 or 1312 PSL). A selection of pre-mixed soilless media, vermiculite, perlite, and peat will be kept in stock.
  2. Soil handling equipment (mixer, grinder, conveyor, Bobcat, etc.) is to be operated by greenhouse staff only.
  3. Soil will be mixed, steamed, and delivered to the appropriate greenhouse location. Soil orders must be requested a minimum of five working days in advance of the date the soil is needed.
  4. Soil carts should be emptied and returned to the soil room within five working days from the date they are delivered. Soil that remains unused for over five working days may be re-assigned to other users.

Pest Control

  1. Pesticides are normally applied by the PCF staff. The level of pest control desired by the greenhouse user should be indicated on the PCF Request for Project Services. Pest control will be at the discretion of the greenhouse staff for projects where no guidelines are provided.
  2. If a project requires applications of pesticides by the greenhouse user(s), this is to be to noted on the PCF Project Request Form form along with what pesticide(s) will be applied. Pesticide applications by PCF users are to be discussed in advance with the PCF Coordinator
  3. Anyone applying pesticides in the PCF greenhouses must have the appropriate Operator or Applicator licenses from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. All applicable pesticide label instructions and EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) guidelines must also be followed. This includes applying the correct pesticide(s), using appropriate rates, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, posting approved warning signs and, recording and keeping pesticide application information in the PCF records.
  4. EPA WPS Warning Signs and Pesticide Application Record Sheets are available from the PCF staff.