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Project Requests, Space Allocation, and Charges

Space Availability

Space will be assigned on a square foot of bench basis. Personnel who may request space at the facilities include:

  1. Faculty and academic professional staff of the Departments of CPSC, NRES, and affiliated USDA personnel;
  2. Graduate students who have a faculty-approved research project for credit toward an M.S. or Ph.D. degree;
  3. Undergraduate students who wish to conduct a faculty-approved study project for class credit or an honors research project; and
  4. CPSC or NRES Department-sponsored campus organizations for educational activities.
  5. While priority is given to users from the Departments of CPSC, NRES, and affiliated USDA projects, if space is available and not being used by these units, projects of faculty, staff, and students from other academic departments of the University of Illinois can be accommodated, and an appropriate space-use fee will be assessed.
  6. Commercial users (see policy for Commercial Users below).

Building Maps (PDF)

Project Request Procedure

  1. Submit a completed Project Request Form to the PCF Coordinator a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start of the project. Forms are available outside of PSL 1222 (PCF Coordinator's office) or outside 1312 PSL (Greenhouse staff and soil room technician's office). Greenhouse users are encouraged to discuss the options available for greenhouse projects with the PCF Coordinator or greenhouse staff members. Users are also encouraged to suggest appropriate space that might be assigned to the project.
  2. The PCF Coordinator will notify the greenhouse user within 1 week of the disposition of their request. The request will be:
    • reviewed and approved with an indication of the specific space to be allocated and when it will be available;
    • reviewed and returned for further information; or
    • rejected, with explanation(s) for the decision. A written appeal may be submitted to the PCAC.

Policy for Space Assignment and Service Charge Assessment

  1. No space will be assigned to a user permanently. Maximum space assignment is one year. For longer durations, greenhouse users may reapply for the same space.
  2. A service charge will be assessed based upon actual space held for the project, services, and supplies provided by the PCF. Accounts will be billed quarterly.
  3. If the assigned space is not used within two weeks of when the space is made available for use, it is subject to re-assignment. If the greenhouse user needs to hold the space, fees will begin to accumulate. If a project cannot be completed in the originally requested period, users should notify the PCF Coordinator in writing of the need for an extension of the space allocations.
  4. Greenhouse users may not assign unused space to other users. Unused space should be reported to the PCF Coordinator in writing so that fees can be adjusted and space reassigned.
  5. If more space is requested than is available and if the PCF Coordinator is unable to resolve the situation by asking greenhouse users to review their space needs, a written appeal may be submitted to the PCAC by the greenhouse user denied space.
  6. Users may not hold unused space if other space requests are pending.
  7. Users will be charged $20 per pesticide application to treat a growth chamber and $5 for each additional chamber receiving the same pesticide treatment.  Users will be billed quarterly for this service.

PCF External (Commercial) User Policy


  1. University greenhouse users will be given priority at all times regarding the assignment of greenhouse space.
  2. Commercial users may not occupy space for more than six months. After this time, their request will be reviewed based upon the needs of University greenhouse users
  3. University greenhouse users may not sublet greenhouse space to commercial users.
  4. Commercial users need to comply with all regulations stated in the PCF Operations Policy.
  5. Fees will be billed on a quarterly basis until May. April, May and June will be billed at the end of May since the end of the fiscal year is June 30.

External Users - Direct Cost - Greenhouse Fee Schedule:

(All external users must complete a Facilities Use Agreement.  Campus requires an indirect cost associated with certain awards.)

Service/Fee Amount
Greenhouse Space/Base Fee

Includes space in the PSL or Turner Hall greenhouse, pest control, and general project maintenance (e.g whitewash application removal, assistance with project set-up and dismantling, cleanup, etc.)


Includes watering, fertilizing, potting, transplanting, plant disposal, etc. done by the PCF staff.

$ .75/sf/mo.

Includes the use of pots, flats, inserts, saucers, labels and fertilizer.

$ .50/sf/mo.
HID Lighting

Includes the replacement of HID, fluorescent, or spot bulb replacement and recycling.

$ .25/sf/mo.
Photoperiod Lighting/Blackout Curtains

Includes the use of shade or blackout curtains and the use of incandescent lighting to adjust the photo period.

$ .25/sf/mo.
Soil or Soilless Mixes

Includes the custom soil mix or prepackaged soilless mixes, and other soil amendments.

Charged Per Order:
$ 4.25/sf/mo. plus Soil Orders