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Plant Care Advisory Committee (PCAC)

The PCAC shall be appointed by the Office of Research with recommendations from the Departments of CPSC and NRES. It shall consist of an Associate Director of the Office of Research, three faculty from NRES, three faculty from CPSC, one faculty member affiliated with the USDA, one faculty member from the Department of Plant Biology, and the PCF Coordinator who shall serve as a permanent, ex-officio, non-voting member. The role of the committee is advisory only. It will make recommendations on greenhouse policy and courses of action to the Office of Research. The domain of the PCAC encompasses all matters that pertain to use of the PCF. These include:

  1. Formulating and/or evaluating policy associated with the PCF;
  2. Influencing quality and cost control on the PCF by:
    • Advising the PCF Coordinator and the Office of Research on needs of PCF users;
    • Reviewing and making a recommendation regarding unusual, large, or new expenditures for the PCF;
    • Annually reviewing expenditures made by the Greenhouse Coordinator;
    • Reviewing adjustments to PCF service rates as mandated by the Office of Governmental Costing-OBFS;
    • Providing comments on the annual evaluations of permanent greenhouse staff, as requested;
  3. Coordinating policy to achieve compliance with requirements for the growth of state and/or federally regulated plant material;
  4. Responding to greenhouse policy issues raised by the users of the PCF, including the resolution of space-use appeals submitted to the PCAC; and
  5. Organizing an ongoing strategic planning process to identify specific objectives and strategies for improving facilities and plant care at the PCF.

The day-to-day operations of the Plant Care Facility, including allocation of space, are under the authority of the PCF Coordinator. If issues deemed appropriate by the committee need to be resolved, a recommendation for resolution will be determined by vote of the PCAC. In the event of a tie within the PCAC, the Associate Director of the Office of Research will cast the deciding vote. On occasions when the unresolved situation involves a PCAC member, that member will not vote on the outcome. All other avenues for resolution should be exhausted before issues are brought to the PCAC.